We are creating value through service excellence.

In the developing environment of South East Asia, technical competency and accuracy has become a critical component of success

Since its very beginnings, Europ Continents has kept in mind that the professional standards of its technical teams are a key component of its success and of the long-term satisfaction of its customers.

Our engineering and technical teams, spread across our countries, are continuously trained by our principals and are consistently upgrading their know-how and skills on our installation and maintenance sites within our various departments.

This expertise continues to be recognized and today, our technical teams assist key accounts across the region on their installation process, technical trainings, warranties coverage, maintenance operations or any other engineering needs.

Fast diagnostic is crucial to reduce the intervention time to restart a damaged instrument. All our team members are regularly trained at partner’s facilities to insure a minimum response time.

To serve all our customers in the Healthcare, Laboratory or Infrastructure sectors, Europ Continents benefits from a strong and experienced team of more than 30 engineers and technicians based in our various offices across the region.