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Europ Continents introduces the ANS-1 device, a non-invasive, fast and accurate device to detect diabetes and follow-up its complications.

The incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus has increased in recent decades to epidemic proportions. Asia is one of the most vulnerable region. Changing lifestyles, rapid urbanisation and cheap calories in the form of processed foods are putting more and more people at risk of developing Type-2 diabetes. There are now 382 million people worldwide living with diabetes. More than half are in Asia and the Western Pacific, where 90-95% of cases are classed as Type-2.

There is now an urgent need to detect early onset and prevent more people to become diabetic but also to help diabetic people to manage the complications caused by the disease.

Europ Continents is proud to get involved in the flight against Diabetes by making cutting-edge technology available to the market.



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