With over twenty years experience supplying public hospitals, private clinics, all types of laboratories, NGO’s and international organizations, Europ Continents has an established reputation for quality and reliable products.

Europ Continents distributes various international manufacturers such as Eppendorf, Thermo Fisher, Selecta, Medline and others to provide complete solutions for all laboratories.


We cover every aspect of the clinical diagnostics from consumables to high tech automation instruments used to detect health and disease state markers.

Central to any clinical diagnostic setting are chemistry analyzers, immunoassay analyzers, assay kits, and hematology analyzers.

Diagnostic analyzers are available in a range of portability, sensitivity, and throughput options that cover a wide breadth of work areas – from large analyzers used in central service laboratory to highly portable instruments used at the patient bedside.


Our goals are to support clinical decision-making and improve patient healthcare. As a leading provider for sample and assay technologies, Europ Continents provides complete solutions for sample collection, nucleic acid purification, pathogen detection and genetic testing.

Europ Continents is an exclusive partner for renowned companies such as Biomerieux or Eppendorf.


Europ Continents distributes and maintains analytical instruments that detect, measure, analyze and monitor chemicals in liquids, solids and gases. We also provide products used to digest, extract and separate components of chemical mixtures in fields such as mining, pharmaceutical or oil & gas.

Agilent Technologies, PAC or Grace, some of our dedicated partners are leaders in the field and provide complete solutions from sample preparation result analysis.


Europ Continents represents world leading manufacturers of material testing equipment for the construction industry. We offer advanced solutions for on-site and laboratory tests making us the ideal partner for anyone working in building and civil engineering industries.

We also provide adapted solutions for universities and technical schools for all fields like physics, electronics, energy, mechanics & Materials, etc.