Europ Continents represents world leading manufacturers of material testing equipment for the construction industry. We offer advanced solutions for on-site and laboratory tests making us the ideal partner for anyone working in building and civil engineering industries.

We also provide adapted solutions for universities and technical schools for all fields like physics, electronics, energy, mechanics & Materials, etc.


Europ Continents, with world-leading manufacturers like Smiths Detection, offers complete solutions for protecting people, buildings and transport systems, principally through trace detection and identification equipment and through X-ray systems that screen everything from a spec of dust to a truck.

For an increasingly integrated world, we also provide intelligent systems for the management of sensors and video surveillance networks.


Europ Continents is the exclusive distributor of Anios, the French leader in professional disinfection and hygiene. We have been serving the CIP and COP needs of some of the region’s leading food and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our teams’ expertise combined with the unparalleled properties of our sanitation and disinfection chemicals imported from France have helped us in becoming one of the most trusted suppliers of high quality solutions.