Our teams of professionals deliver state of the art services to ensure the best quality, from the plantation to the cup!
Europ Continents Gourmet is dedicated to offer the finest products to the industry.
Our product selection is adapted to the needs and trends of our customers.


EC Gourmet is a fully owned subsidiary of Europ Continents and is dedicated to providing Food & Beverages solutions to the hospitality industry. Our teams of professionals, together with our selected partners, have extensive experience in serving professionals from the hospitality industry with adapted products and services.

In partnership with leading manufacturers, EC Gourmet focuses on providing the most suitable equipment to its customers. From Home-use POD machines to professional heavy-duty bean machines, our product range answers every need.

Our dedicated technical teams in each country are committed to deliver an efficient service in all aspects of installation, maintenance and training. Our professional standards and minimum response time are key components of our success and the long-term satisfaction of our customers.

EC Gourmet is the exclusive distributor of Malongo coffee. Malongo is the French leader in fair-trade and organic coffee. With a strict control from the plantation to the cup, Malongo, in partnership with Europ Continents, offers an extensive selection of premium coffees from all over the world.

Coffee beans, ground coffee or PODs, we supply different packaging to answers every need.

1,2,3 Spresso, Malongo’s patented POD system, is a clean, simple and consistent solution answering the challenges our customers face and guaranteeing the highest quality standards. For more information, please visit www.allo-malongo.com.

EC Gourmet, in partnership with premium brands from Europe and the US, provides complete tea solutions to its customers over the region. From the supply of a complete range of products to training and marketing support, we assist our customers in every aspect of their operations.

Tea bags, sachets, loose teas, iced teas, accessories, displays, trainings, menus creation; at EC Gourmet we cater products and services that answer all the professional needs of our customers and we assist them all along their development.

EC Gourmet is the exclusive distributor of Fruit Republic premium fruit juices. Fruit Republic is a juice brand catering exclusively to the high-end hospitality industry.

For the minibars, the outlets, the VIP coffee breaks, it’s a product that combines everything professionals and their customers are expecting but not yet receiving.

“We select only the finest to go in our juices”.
Fruit Republic juices are made of pure fruit. No additives, no colorants, no preservatives. They are 100% natural.

For more information, please visit www.fruitrep.com

Whether it is to flavor your hot and iced drinks or to elaborate your cocktails, syrups and sauces are becoming essential to professional in cafes, restaurants and bars.

With the support of dedicated baristas and bartenders, EC Gourmet provides a full range of products and services to assist its customers from the staff training to receipts and menus creation.

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