Collaborate with Europ Continents - your trusted international partner for over 80 years.

We deliver benchmark satisfaction to our customers. Doctors, biochemists, pharmacists, engineers, surveyors, technicians, logisticians: our employees are experts in their fields, and receive ongoing training and updating of their technical skills and knowledge.

For every company we represent - we ensure importation, delivery, installation and maintenance of equipment. We also train our customers' operating and technical teams to the highest international standard - and provide full warranties on equipment.

Approached by world class manufacturers, Europ Continents represents companies which are known for quality, reputation and after sales support. Europ Continents employees adhere to the principle that supply chain management cannot exist without high standards of after-sales service. Thus, our engineering teams are frequently trained by our suppliers, either overseas or locally. Our engineers' ability to operate as an effective unit, whilst  maintaining close contact with the technical support services of our suppliers abroad, ensures the continually-high standards of our distributor services.

In response to increasing demand from customers for more sustainable and efficient solutions and building on opportunities generated by carbon markets, since 2007, Europ Continents Group has been developing a leading division in carbon finance and CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) project development.

EC Carbon, a fully-owned division of Europ Continents Group, is operating in Malaysia, and offers fully-integrated solutions to project developers to assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We manage greenhouse gas emission-reduction projects from beginning to end, working with both project developers and carbon credit buyers.

For more information, visit EC Carbon's website www.eccarbon.com or contact one of our regional offices.